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Our individualized consulting programs are designed for students in middle and high school. We mentor middle school students applying to boarding and day high schools, as well as high school students applying to colleges and universities in the US, UK, and other top educational destinations around the world.


Our experienced consultants help students achieve not only the best admissions outcomes but also discover who they are and what they love. 

Student-Driven Mentorship

We firmly believe that our students should be the ones in the driver's seat, choosing the direction of their educational path. Our job is to help ensure they stay on track, providing advice, guidance, and encouragement. Everything we do is individualized—we adapt our style to the personality and needs of each student.

Trust & Connection

One the most unique advantages of the Blueprint model is that the same team of two consultants work with their student from beginning to end. This allows the student and consultants to really get to know each other and build a deep connection. In contrast to other consulting companies that uses different team members for academic advising, extracurricular guidance, and essays, our approach ensures cohesion throughout the entire application.

Deep Expertise

Every member of our team is a graduate of a top college or university, including Duke, Dartmouth, and Cornell. They have experience working in the admissions offices of Ivy League schools and on the recruiting teams of Fortune 500 companies. Combined, we have more than 50 years of experience advising students to earn acceptances to the best schools across the world.

Individualized Strategies

There are no shortcuts or one-size-fits-all formulas when it comes to the competitive admissions world today. That's why we create a tailored strategy for every student rather than follow some antiquated equation that everyone needs to do a sport, a volunteer activity, or academic competition. Think unique passion projects, internships, or research that demonstrate the student's academic strengths, proactiveness and initiative, and leadership and execution skills.

If you’d like more information about our consulting services, get in touch today.

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