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Middle and Elementary School ELA

  • A habit of reading improves focus and liberates a student from screen-based technologies and "3 minute" attention spans, and allows a student to be explore fields of study and worlds far away from Shanghai

  • Blueprint's Middle School and Elementary School ELA courses help younger students spark a passion and habit for reading by assigning engaging, relevant books for various grade levels:

    • Elementary School ELA level 1 ( Grade 4-5 )

    • Middle School ELA Level 1 ( Grade 6-7)

    • Middle School ELA Level 2 ( Grade 7-8 )

  • We assign 40-60 pages of reading and a response paper or essay assignment every class. In a semester-long course, most students write more for Blueprint than for their school English classes

  • Our Elementary School/Middle School ELA teachers are highly experienced, licensed American teachers with experience teaching English and IB at international schools and in test prep

School Holidays

Summer (2 week prep classes) / October Holidays, Christmas, Chinese New Year


Fall (13 sessions), Spring (15 sessions), 2 hours each


High School ELA (Grade 9-10)

  • The perfect combination course for enrichment that combines:

    • Reading adult-level fiction and non-fiction (including Pulitzer Prize winners and NY Times best-sellers) – 70 to 80 pages per class

    • Weekly response paper and essay writing (graded for grammar and content)

    • Practice and Review on SAT, PSAT, and ACT Reading and Grammar sections

  • Blueprint’s highly popular ELA courses help guide students through achieving goals for reading serious, mind-expanding novels, along with practicing essay writing, grammar, and standardized exam sections

  • We focus on writing quality and grammar more than school English teachers annotating homework not just for content but also for grammar and word choice

  • Yang and Ross, our HS ELA teachers, are also experienced SAT/ACT teachers. We understand what reading and analytical skills must be developed for success before students start with high school and exam prep

School Holidays

Summer (2 week intensives) / Christmas, Chinese New Year


Fall (13 sessions), Spring (15 sessions), 2 hours each

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